Sole se barre de chez Anticon!

Sole se barre de chez Anticon!


Ca sentait le roussi depuis un certain temps, et seuls ses plus fidèles adeptes auront peut être vu le vent venir en remarquant que ses derniers faits d’arme n’étaient plus estampillés Anticon, mais Black Canyon Records, son propre label. Pourtant à l’origine d’une des plus innovantes structures musicales de ce début de siècle, à l’instar du désormais brinqueballant Def Jux de son ennemi El-P, Tim Holland annonce se séparer du label qu’il aura pleinement contribué à mettre sur pied onze ans plus tôt. Un deuxième choc en une semaine pour le public hip hop alternatif qui, jusque là, résumait tout un genre aux sorties de ces deux catalogues. Son communiqué:

« Leaving the company was not an easy decision, but it was made necessary by a number of factors. Upon returning to the states from a 2-year exile in Spain, I found myself increasingly at odds with the business end of anticon and began doing more DIY work via

Running my own website and taking a more hands on approach with my art has always brought me great satisfaction and it is what I am choosing to return to. There are no ill feelings between myself and members of anticon. I will continue to work with many of the artists and will always love them as brothers and consider them allies. This is a decision to change the way my music will be exploited and adapt to shifting paradigms.

We created anticon as a response to what was going on at the time in the music industry – the indy boom of the late 90’s. There were still a viable music industry then and people bought records. That’s how we built up our empire. The music industry isn’t just dying, but what it means to be a recording artist is changing.

Technology is making everything cheap, and cheapening everything it touches. Soon the old ways of selling records will be a distant memory, along with magazines, working musicians and employed blue-collar dads. It’s not a time to cry about the recession, or urge people to go to their local mom and pops and pick up the new Sole & skyrider LP. Technology is working its magic, and instead of being a passenger on its ship, I have decided to plot a new course for myself. »

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