Amon Tobin forcé d’avancer la sortie digitale de son album

Amon Tobin forcé d’avancer la sortie digitale de son album


Rares sont désormais les albums attendus à ne pas souffrir d’un leak sur internet. Alors que « ISAM », son nouvel album chez Ninja Tune attendu pour le 23 mai, vient tout juste d’envahir la blogosphère, Amon Tobin se voit forcé de s’adapter en avançant sa sortie digitale à ce jeudi 21 avril, soit plus d’un mois avant la date initiale. Le label comme l’artiste, parce qu’il dit avoir produit là son oeuvre la plus personnelle et expérimentale, se sont fendus du communiqué ci-dessous pour expliquer leur décision, comme leur volonté de refuser pour une fois cet habituel fatalisme face à cette pratique devenue récurrente:

« Try as we might to protect our artists’ recordings until they’re ready to be released, create exciting campaigns to expose the leftfield / interesting / worthwhile music that we believe in, to the widest audience and on some of the smallest budgets, and sell enough records to keep doing so; some people just don’t get it.

A nameless person has decided that he, not us, is best placed to release the new Amon Tobin album, and to do so for free, online via a watermarked promotional copy. We know these things happen, and we know that not everyone realises how much is invested in ambitious, groundbreaking tours, collaborations with brilliant artists and lovingly designed packaging… It still hurts.

The man is not having it stuck to him. A faceless corporation is not being dealt a blow. All that happens is a lot of great ideas and music come under threat.

All of which is a long and frustrated way of saying that we’re moving forward the digital release of Amon Tobin’s masterpiece; ISAM. We know that for the fans who’ve taken the time to unearth music made for reasons other than pure commerce, hearing an album is available without actually hearing it is a slap in the face.

We’d like everyone who’s invested that time and energy on the career of an artist like Amon Tobin to have the chance to own the album, in the form he and us intended, as soon as anyone else does. We’re sure you’ll see why we took so much care over it in the first place.« 

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